Philips – HD9621/11 – Viva Collection Airfryer

Finally got my self an Air Fryer after hearing nothing but good things about. From our research on the Air Fryers on the market we decided to go with Philips HD9621 Turbostar Air Fryer model for $279 including shipping from Bing Lee. W

Why Philips HD9621 vs HD9220/40/50 model

Since this is our first Air Fryer, we wanted to get a good one but not all out for the extra large models. The HD 9621 and 9240 models are the 800 gram capacity verses the XL 1.2 liter sizes. I know 800 grams does not sound like much but it should be sufficient for a couple or a 2 adults and one kid.

The Philips 9240 model which is a cheaper model usually goes for $200 from Target or Big W. We think it is cheaper because it is the first generation of the Philips Air Fryer line. HD 9621 was released in 2016 with Turbostar technology. From reading the feedback from owners of earlier and second generation Air Fryers. The second generation Philips Air Fryer do no require pre heating the appliance before using it. Usually this is 3 to 5 minutes.

Given we are lazy, overall cooking time is usually 10 to 20 minutes all up, and after work from home you just want to prep and not think about pre heating the air fryer we went with the HD 9621 model.

Appliance Boxing

The Box is pretty standard 33 x 33 x 33. Total weight wasn’t too bad carrying back from Post Office.

Overhead shot

Instruction booklet is pretty standard – All in pictures so you won’t miss a thing. The colored recipe book had like 5 recipes so look out for my own recipesĀ and cooking time in the Air Fryer on the site!

Unboxed Air Fryer – Pretty Slick and the timer dial. You turn the dial to turn on the fryer. If you reverse it once turned on but let it run to the end of the timer. We just turn off the power if you think the food is ready the timer is still running.

Temperature Setting


Russian Nesting Doll- We took out the main tray and then there is the mining tray inside to put the food on.


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